5 Factors That Affect Hair Growth

Hair growth can be affected by any number of things. While hair loss is much more specific as to what causes it, slowed hair growth is a result of many different body function changes.

Anything from your diet to your state of mind can have an effect on your hair growth. So, if you are having some hair growth trouble, it might be difficult to determine the source.


That being said, we’re going to tell you about five of the more common factors that affect hair growth. If your current position of slow hair growth falls under any of these five, know that correcting it will likely improve your position.


If you would like to know about five factors that affect hair growth and potentially increase your hair growth rate, then read on!

#1 – Slow Blood Circulation

When your blood circulates slower than it should, your entire body isn’t getting enough oxygen, not to mention everything else it needs. Because of this, your body will devote the majority of its resources to essential systems, such as your organs and skin production. Hair growth is much less important, overall, so your brain pauses it for the time being.


Your hair may still grow, but it will grow much slower than it does when your blood is circulating correctly. Your body will start to grow your hair normally again once you’ve corrected whatever is causing your blood to flow slower. (Excessive weight, poor diet, heart disease, etc.)

#2 – Excessive UV Radiation

Many will tell you that the sun causes your hair to dry up and grow slower. This is not actually true. The sun, itself, is quite healthy and provides you with vitamin D. However, if your skin remains in contact with the UV rays emanated by the sun, your body will react accordingly.


Sunburn is caused by your own body as a means to kill your skin cells before they become poisoned by the UV radiation. If you didn’t get a sunburn, you would instead die from UV radiation poisoning. (Which can still happen if you get sunburnt too often)


When this occurs often, especially on your face and scalp, it will slow your hair growth right down. Eventually, the result will kill off most of your hair follicles, leaving you permanently bald!

#3 – Low Levels of Biotin and Protein

Biotin and protein are two of the most important things for your hair. (Other than water and oxygen, obviously) Biotin is a part of your vitamin B needs and improves the elasticity of your hair and skin, as well as producing collagen.


Without enough biotin in your system, your hair won’t be as elastic, which causes it to become rough and dry. Your hair growth will greatly slow down when this occurs. Eventually, your hair strands start falling out of your head.


Protein is even more important as it literally makes up the basic structure of your hair. Without your protein building blocks, your hair won’t grow at all. To avoid this issue, make sure to eat lean meats and eggs.

#4 – Your Emotional Status

Your feelings actually have an impact on your physical body. When you feel stressed out or depressed on a daily basis, your brain is affected and causes your body systems to work less efficiently.


If this goes on for too long, your hair growth will slow down. Eventually, your individual hair strands start to fall out. Your hair will begin growing normally again once you’ve corrected the stressful factor causing you to feel this way. (If you do suffer from depression, make sure to get yourself some help, for your mental health as well as your hair)

#5 – Hair Follicle Health

At the end of the day, the main factor that affects hair growth is your hair follicles. Your hair follicles are the sole means of growing hair in the first place. If your hair follicles are strong and hydrated, your hair will grow fast and strong. If they’re weak and dry, your hair will also be weak and grow quite slowly.


You must keep your hair follicles hydrated and healthy if you want your hair to grow fast. Sometimes, you can’t help your hair follicles because they’ve already died. When a hair follicle dies, it will never grow a new hair strand again.


However, if your hair follicle is weak but alive, you can still revive it by drinking enough water and keeping your body healthy. A rejuvenated hair follicle will eventually start to grow a new hair strand.


So, focus on keeping your hair follicles health by keeping your physical and mental systems healthy. A healthy body and mind bring about healthy bodily systems!

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