Bike businesses are the way to go. But not outside Tokyo

I know I know. I’m not talking about the Motorcycle Club businesses in GTA V. No no. Absolutely not!

I’m talking about the bike businesses in which you provide different types of bike modifications tuning, etc. These are really great businesses if you can find the right location where people are very passionate about their bikes. Because that’s all you really need to get this one going. I’ve seen people spend upwards of $10,000 on their bike modifications just to make sure it looks exactly how they want it to. And not just that, they also modify the details like how it sounds, how it runs on different types of roads, etc.

Your imagination is the only limit here.

Want to go off roading? Get dirt bike tires.

Want to make it sound like a superbike? Change the muffler and you’re a superbike owner.

Want to turn heads and attract girls? I don’t know if the bike will work. But maybe going to the gym will. Not sure.

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